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The resonance emitted by this tinnitus gradually turned into semantic satiation that finally stopped when I realized that what I was writing in this thirty-plus word sentence with no punctuation at all didn't mean much.

Still, if you didn't get it, I mean that meetheverse (ˈmēt-thə-vərs / ˈmet-thə-vərs) can also be pronounced as metaverse (ˈme-tə-vərs) which are two words that mean everything and nothing at the time of writing. Two vague concepts, but full of meaning. So we set out on this adventure (which you can join) to make sense of it all, so let's meet the verse together!


What is behind meetheverse?

An indy team with passion for design and industrial engineering.

We make a wide variety of e-products that anyone can use, but our main activity is building ecosystems for a minimalist lifestyle.



We endeavor to develop products that can be used by both average and advanced users.

This idea arose after the events following COVID-19. We are referring here to lockdown and remote working…

People are using the Internet to perform tasks that they used to do in real life. Our goal is to facilitate this change by providing tools that make the process easier.

Starting with R&D, through design, testing, to the launch of our products/services, we provide problem-solving extras that anyone can use to start solving their problems.

This way, we provide an opening by drawing our customers' attention to a range of possibilities that are just waiting to be exploited by their productivity. Therefore, whoever you are, we hope you will take advantage of and push forward the work we have begun...


Digital Product

Most of the time, these are tools that we perceive as missing in our lives and our workflow.

After having tested them for weeks in different conditions and environments, we finally bring you the ones that are validated.


Product Consultant

We evaluate, test, and advise on how to design and sell any valuable product to the right audience.

We also provide strategies for creators who are trying to rethink their business model by ensuring that the content they provide is still relevant to the audience acquired.


EcoSystem Builder

From ideation, research, according to the behavior of the individual and the environment in which it evolves.

We explore the range of possibilities to offer real lifestyle-centered solutions. A new start for an optimal life, from then and forever.

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